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Services : What to Expect

When you come for a session, expect to be greeted by my furry colleague, DaVinci. He will make you feel welcome and at ease. Then, we will sit down and talk about your concerns and I’ll offer practical tips and suggestions for how you can encourage your body to heal through specific nutritional advice, whole food supplementation, herbs, probiotics, and lifestyle recommendations.

Next, you’ll lie down on my table while I treat you gently with acupuncture and an array of soothing and healing therapies. You will be surrounded by the sounds of soft music and fountains and guided into the stillness of a healing meditation. This part of your experience is magical. Expect to feel safe, comforted, warm, pampered and completely at ease. DaVinci will even stay with you when I leave the room, so that you will not feel alone.

Here’s what some of my patients have to say…..

“Where do I begin…? Gina has changed my entire life and through her wonderful work and nurturing I have been given the most precious gift, A Baby.  Unable to conceive, Gina worked with my husband and me on nutrition, and with the aid of acupuncture we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  I am so grateful for all that Gina has done for me and my family and I continue my treatment on a weekly basis because she makes me feel incredible.” ~ Cindy

"Thank you....the first wonderful acupuncture treatment in my life that you provided me was a miracle, since that day the pain in my shoulder disappeared." ~ Mirtha

"You have the hands of a butterfly -- so gentle." ~ Alik

"I have received acupuncture before from several different acupuncturists, but it was never like this! I hope Gina never retires!" ~Kriss

"Gina Renee is an extraordinary healer who treats everyone she meets with compassion, kindness, gentleness, honesty, integrity, and an authentic concern for their wellbeing. She is an angel in the flesh. Her book Wellness for Women is loaded with valuable information for women who are interested in self-healing. It is an easy-to-read resource, well-laid out and informative. I highly recommend Gina to anyone who wants to improve vitality through natural healing. I also recommend her book, and I particularly like her recipes for cosmetics that can be made inexpensively without the chemicals found in most cosmetics. Great book and great author!" ~ Christina Grant, Ph.D.

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And, maybe this short video can capture a bit of the experience…enjoy!

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