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"Thank you for making such a difference in my life. When I follow your advice, I feel the very best that I have felt in a very long time. You have shown me how much control I have over my own health and well-being. I really appreciate all the time you spend guiding me to my own best. Thank you. You are truly a blessing to me." ~ Megan

“Where do I begin…Gina has changed my entire life and through her wonderful work and nurturing I have been given the most precious gift, A Baby.  Unable to conceive, Gina worked with my husband and me on nutrition, and with the aid of acupuncture we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  I am so grateful for all that Gina has done for me and my family and I continue my treatment on a weekly basis because she makes me feel incredible.” ~ Cindy

"Thank you....the first wonderful acupuncture treatment in my life that you provided me was a miracle, since that day the pain in my shoulder disappeared." ~ Mirtha

“I have had the tremendous pleasure of being a client of Gina's for the past 6 years now.  Gina has seen me through many life changes that have brought on a variety of physical symptoms.  She has done so with grace, compassion and professionalism and she has brought much healing, peace and calm to my life.  I have learned many life skills and have been able to make nutritional changes that have been easy to follow and amazing in the way they have made a positive impact in my life.  I cherish my sessions with Gina and leave feeling as if I have done something great for myself...body and soul.” ~ Ginger

"You have the hands of a butterfly -- so gentle." ~ Alik,

“Gina Renee is gentle and intuitive.  She listens to her client and her guidance system for the best possible acupuncture results.  She's kind and delightful with a tender touch.  She is completely client centered!  Her books are easy to read and full of great information.  I love to listen to her radio and TV shows because she avoids all the confusion out there with differing theories and cuts through all the hype.  She keeps me tuned up mentally and physically and after one session with Gina, low back pain is gently removed.  I leave her floating out into the world again, feeling better and happier than when I came to see her.  Thanks to Gina Renee, it's easy to be in the flow”. ~ Marjie

"I sought the help of Gina Renee for some ongoing health problems that had been plaguing me for months. After western medicine had failed to help me, Gina Renee was able to tackle my health issues with ease and with confidence. I quickly recovered and have enjoyed an immense improvement in my overall well being. She far exceeded my expectations. I have recommended Gina Renee to several of my family and friends and have had positive feedback from all of them. I highly recommend her book to all women and highly recommend Gina Renee to anyone who is looking to improve their health in a holistic way." ~ Leah

"I must say that last week's treatment was really significant, that liver/heart work released some of the extremely deep grief and sadness ... and some of the anger and disappointment .... that was in and around my heart. You are so powerful, such a healer, you too are a treasure. Thank you." ~ Robin

"I have received acupuncture before from several different acupuncturists, but it was never like this! I hope Gina never retires!" ~ Kriss

"I have been a patient of Gina Renee. She is an extraordinary healer who treats everyone she meets with compassion, kindness, gentleness, honesty, integrity, and an authentic concern for their wellbeing. She is an angel in the flesh. Her book Wellness for Women is loaded with valuable information for women who are interested in self-healing. It is an easy-to-read resource, well-laid out and informative. I highly recommend Gina to anyone who wants to improve vitality through natural healing. I also recommend her book, and I particularly like her recipes for cosmetics that can be made inexpensively without the chemicals found in most cosmetics. Great book and great author!" ~ Christina Grant, Ph.D.

“Gina, you are a treasured gift of healing and heart. When I could barely walk from a lower back that caused everything to seize-up in my body, your acupuncture, knowing just where my body needed assistance, and Chinese herbs, brought me through a difficult time. I deeply encourage others to not wait in hopes that an emotional or physical something will pass. Do yourselves a favor. Seek out acupuncture and specifically Gina Renee. She will expertly nurture you back to wellness!” ~ Ixchel Leigh

I’ve been visiting Gina for over two years now.  Her healing sessions have become a must-have aspect of my life. I can relax and come back to center-no matter how chaotic life may seem. I had never tried acupuncture before my first session with Gina and she did a fantastic job of introducing me to the process: she answered all of my questions, ensured that I felt comfortable -- and I was surprised to find that the needles didn’t hurt!  She is honest and upfront about what you can expect, and she does what she can to make sure you’re taken care of. Her calming, caring and generous spirit makes my appointments with her the highlight of my week.  I emerge calm, confident and ready to tackle life.  If you’re thinking about scheduling a visit, I’d highly encourage you to do so. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! ~ Ileana

"I was a skeptic. After six years of surgeries and treatments for a life-threatening illness, I didn't think someone with such a mangled body and crushed spirit could benefit from acupuncture. I simply didn't think that it would work for me. I just didn't think like that. But one day, I was in such pain that I thought, "Why not?" When I met Gina, I was taking medicine to help me sleep and coffee to get me through my day. I was on an antidepressant yet I still cried all the time. I had night sweats, hot flashes, piercing headaches and it was all I could do to get my weary body out of bed in the morning.

I was astounded that Gina was willing to work with me. Not only that, but she gave me a hug when I left her that first day. All was not hopeless after all. She really cared about me. I just needed to learn how to care about me, too. That first week, I actually slept through the night unassisted by drugs. Over the course of the next three months, Gina gently encouraged me to make some changes in my diet. I now think that they are so obvious, but at first I resisted. I switched to herbal tea, cut out white sugar and flour, learned to buy organic produce for my family, and spent time taking care of myself.

I have also nearly finished weaning myself off the anti-depressant. Gina's combination of acupuncture and nutritional guidance was just what I needed after all these years of being in pain. My life is still complicated, but I actually enjoy getting out of bed each morning! I also look forward to seeing Gina. I feel that we are a great care team. I am a better me now. It is not an understatement to say that Gina helped me save my life. It is also not a coincidence that she has an angel on the gate of the entrance to her office." ~ Kirsten

"Gina Renee has been a positive force in reshaping and mentoring my path to healing physically and energetically. Her intuitive nature, vast knowledge in acupuncture and alternative methods of healing has had an everlasting impact on the quality of health I now enjoy. Gina has taught me strategies and encouraged me through the process of evolving my diet, thus resulting in a healthier lifestyle. Not only does she maintain a high level of professionalism, she has a sincere caring disposition that institutes trust, respect and admiration. If you are interested in finding alternatives to improving and managing your personal health, Gina Renee may be the one to help you discover your path." ~ Teresa

"I love the experience of Gina’s healing gifts! She has not only helped me with digestive problems and some nutritional guidance, but most importantly, each session helps free up blocked energy so that I am more in touch with my true self and my heart. After every session, I feel so light and peaceful. Gina's genuine, sweet and caring nature is so helpful along anyone's healing path. She provides a safe space for one to express whatever they need." ~ Heidi Dudley, D.C.,
“Mamma, can we come back here again? I like the way she does it.” ~ Jaden, 3 yrs old.

“Gina – your workout is harder than Jillian Michaels!” ~ Jessica, member Garden Health and Fitness

“Your classes are great, you are so fun and strong….and you teach a wicked Zumba!” ~ Ann, member Garden Health and Fitness

“I'm a new listener to your (radio) shows and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying listening. I listen to a lot of talk radio including shows at and I have to say that you are definitely a natural, Gina. I really like the information you present and I enjoy your upbeat style of communicating your knowledge! It's fantastic! I never thought to look up your archived shows until last week -- I've been missing out! You are a gem and I am so happy I have discovered your show.” ~ Corinne